Chronic Podcast: Trolling Drew Brees edition

Posted in Uncategorized by chronicpodcast on October 4th, 2012

Kevin Held goes on a righteous rant about Adam Schein's column blaming Drew Brees for the Saints 0-4 start. Dave wonders why the Saints defensive line looks like its playing in the Pro Bowl. Ralph wonders if it's time for Spags to throw out the playbook and get crazy insane on defense. The boys then contemplate if Matt Ryan wins the MVP do they need to find a tall bridge to leap off?  Ralph wonders if it's ok to ask God to make Atlanta lose their first playoff game. Since the boys bring up religion they then venture into politics and want post presidential debate locker room press conferences like after a football game. Obama and Romney post shower answering dumb questions. What could go wrong? And finally how bad does Darren Sproles want to torch San Diego?

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